Hello, again…

And here I am again. Starting yet another blog post, on yet a new iteration of a website.
This time brought to you by a worldwide pandemic, a country in lockdown, a banning of tobacco that led me into finding ways to deal with withdrawal.

If you are new to me or my work, welcome. If you are returning and just intrigued by what I might be up to now, hello again.

Spent the start of this year visiting Japan, buying new camera gear and taking far too many photos. I’ve finally gotten around to sorting through those, and thanks to lockdown I have also managed to start sorting through a massive backlog of images.

I am really rediscovering my love for photography again, I’m investing in some gear and I plan to start shooting way more as soon as I am legally able to.

A modest, but potent setup.
Sony a6400
Sigma 16mm f1.4
Sigma 30mm f1.4
Sigma 56mm f1.4
Godox TT600s Speedlight
Godox X2Ts trigger.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like what you see and I hope you’ll visit again.